JosephLukes Headstock

The Workshop: Joseph Lukes Guitars

Luke Joseph Sharples, director of Joseph Lukes Guitars, builds guitars from his workshop in London, blending traditional methods with innovative design, beautifully demonstrated by his grand concert guitar.    Luke Joseph Sharples has been building guitars for five years having

Chris Martin IV

Chris Martin IV: Setting The Tone…

A fascinating new book reveals the hidden treasure in C.F. Martin & Co.’s long and glorious history – David Mead travels through time… Practically every guitarist or builder you meet will tell you that the Martin Guitar Company set the


The Workshop: Philip Woodfield

Philip Woodfield’s workshop is based in East Sussex and he has been building high-end classical guitars for nearly 30 years. Players who use his instruments include Poland’s prestigious Kupinski Guitar Duo and our very own Ray Burley.  At the highest



Ed Sheeran debuts new single ‘Sing’ – LISTEN HERE

Ed Sheeran has debuted his new single ‘Sing’, produced by Pharrel Williams, and has confirmed it to be the first official single from his soon-to-be-released follow-up album, X. X will be released on June 23, but fans can pre order


David Gray announces new album Mutineers and UK headline tour

David Gray has announced the release of a new album Mutineers. Released in the UK, June 30 on iht Records via Kobalt Label Services, the record will be Gray’s tenth studio album and his first in four years. To mark the news, Gray has unveiled the video for


Tony McManus to play the London Acoustic Guitar Show 2014

Tony McManus, considered the world’s finest Celtic fingerstyle virtuoso, is set to play the London Acoustic Guitar Show on September 13 & 14, 2014 The Scottish-born, Canada-based fingerstyle guitarist is confirmed to play the London Acoustic Guitar Show, over September 13



Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor, The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 9 March 2013

Being known as The Colonel and The Governor is all good and well, but if you are going to put those monikers out on your tour headline, you need to be pretty confident that you can live up to the

Paul Carrack

Paul Carrack, The Lowry Theatre, Manchester, 3 March 2013

Paul Carrack has built a regular and consistent fanbase thanks to his long and frequent tours – the latest of which ends this evening after seven months on the road. The only noticeable effect of this prolonged road trip is

Mumford & Sons Live

Mumford & Sons, LG Arena Birmingham, The Tour Of Two Halves

Since the release of their first studio album Sigh No More in 2009, Mumford and Sons has enjoyed an almost meteoric rise to fame. Second album, Babel, sold over one million copies in the US in just over six weeks and the accompanying tour has cemented their position as America’s favourite band.



Pokey LaFarge

Pokey LaFarge (born Andrew Heissler) with his sonic and sartorial retro style evinces the Great Depression era, but the multi-instrumentalist is not stuck in the past. LaFarge is authentic with his sound steeped in old-time roots music with a modern


Dave Weiner

When guitarist Dave Weiner joined Steve Vai’s band in 1999, he had one goal in mind: ‘From the start, I tried to position myself and demonstrate to Steve that what he was going to get from me was nothing but


The Band Perry

Three years since their multi-platinum eponymous album, The Band Perry is back with follow-up Pioneer. You wouldn’t think it’s been three years, though – their crossover country-pop anthem ‘If I Die Young’ receives as much airplay now as it did


Issue 91: The Law of Gravity

Click here to download Stolen Lines

Issue 91: Discovering DADGAD

Click here to download Hitting Sixes

Issue 91: Thomas Leeb

Click here to download Don’t Worry, Be Happy



Fairfield Banjo £2,800

He doesn’t come from Alabama, but David Mead certainly has a banjo on his knee! Whereas you might have an image in mind of the banjo’s home being somewhere in the swamp filled backwaters of America’s deep south, Fairfield banjos


C.F. Martin & Co. Ed Sheeran LX1E Signature Edition

Will this Hobbit-sized Martin possess enough magic to charm us here at Acoustic? Ed Sheeran is now well on his way to becoming a force majeure in the singer songwriter stakes. His song ‘I See Fire’ from the recently released second


Ortega RCE158SN £466

An electro classical guitar that aims to make the job of playing that little bit smoother – David Mead is on the case… The German-based Ortega company has definitely found that most elusive of all things – a gap in

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