National Folk Festival poster

Music festival posters – now and then

Summer is upon us, and that means one thing – it’s festival season. With hundreds of music festivals taking place throughout the UK every year, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best acoustic music festival posters


A walk on the Fylde side…

Roger Bucknall began building instruments back in the 1970s and over the years Fylde guitars have been seen in the hands of legendary British players like Martin Simpson, Martin Carthy, Davy Graham, Gordon Giltrap, Nic Jones and a multitude of

JosephLukes Headstock

The Workshop: Joseph Lukes Guitars

Luke Joseph Sharples, director of Joseph Lukes Guitars, builds guitars from his workshop in London, blending traditional methods with innovative design, beautifully demonstrated by his grand concert guitar.    Luke Joseph Sharples has been building guitars for five years having


Eko endorsee Massimo Varini

The evolution of Eko guitars: the 2014 concept

Freestyle Music, the UK distributor for the Italian brand Eko Guitars, has set out its agenda for Eko launching the “2014 concept”  “Eko was my first guitar”: Eko has been known as a first guitar. Now, Eko wants to keep the same


EurekaSound debut soundhole pickup mount

EurekaSound has announced the release of the eurekaSound Hole Pickup Mount pickup mount – an easy and affordable way for a musician to put a magnetic pickup into their acoustic guitar. Available in both black and white 3D printed plastic,


Mitchell Guitars launch Element Series

Designed for the discriminating player, Mitchell’s Element Series guitars combine select high-quality tonewoods, premium oil-rubbed satin finishes, and exquisite workmanship to create instruments with unequalled playability and remarkable sonic character.  Element Series guitars feature solid spruce or red cedar tops



Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor, The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 9 March 2013

Being known as The Colonel and The Governor is all good and well, but if you are going to put those monikers out on your tour headline, you need to be pretty confident that you can live up to the

Paul Carrack

Paul Carrack, The Lowry Theatre, Manchester, 3 March 2013

Paul Carrack has built a regular and consistent fanbase thanks to his long and frequent tours – the latest of which ends this evening after seven months on the road. The only noticeable effect of this prolonged road trip is

Mumford & Sons Live

Mumford & Sons, LG Arena Birmingham, The Tour Of Two Halves

Since the release of their first studio album Sigh No More in 2009, Mumford and Sons has enjoyed an almost meteoric rise to fame. Second album, Babel, sold over one million copies in the US in just over six weeks and the accompanying tour has cemented their position as America’s favourite band.


(C) Richard Ecclestone

Brynn Hiscox: Case History

Case makers are often the unsung heroes of the acoustic guitar marketplace, even though they are the people who take considerable pains to protect our most valuable music assets. One notable British success story is that of Hiscox Cases and


Talking to Sam Palladio – the star of TV’s Nashville

Swapping the Cornish countryside for Tennessee, Sam Palladio made his name starring in TV’s hit show Nashville, in Runner Runner alongside Justin Timberlake, and with Matt LeBlanc in Episodes – but his sights are also set on his own music.


Lewis Watson

He built his fanbase from his bedroom using YouTube, has had five top 10 EPs on iTunes, and is just about to release his debut album The Morning with Warner Bros. Records. Lewis Waton is the new generation of troubadour –


Discovering DADGAD

Issue 97: ‘Into The Sandbox’ Example 1 example 1 cont. Examples 2-7

In The Loop

Issue 97: Overdubbing with contrasting time signatures Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5

12-String Corner: Jacob’s Ladder

Download Jacob’s Ladder from issue 97′s 12-String Corner Jacobs Ladder Music & Tab



Taylor GS Mini mahogany £503

Take a fully sized Taylor Grand Symphony, shrink it down to munchkin size and what have you got? David Mead is on a mission to find out… The Taylor GS Mini has been around for a few years now, but

(C) Richard Ecclestone

Andrew White Freja 112 & Cybele 100J – £549 & £400

Custom guitar titan The North American Guitar takes on another range of Far East-made acoustics with a luthier-built mentality. Guy Little meets two Andrew White production models with two very different players in mind… The North American Guitar really needs


Faith Neptune £799

The humble all-mahogany acoustic gets a sharp makeover courtesy of Patrick James Eggle and Faith Guitars. Alun Lower takes a look… Think of an all-mahogany acoustic, and what comes to mind? I for one nearly always envisage an old-timey dreadnought

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