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Music festival posters – now and then

Summer is upon us, and that means one thing – it’s festival season. With hundreds of music festivals taking place throughout the UK every year, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best acoustic music festival posters


A walk on the Fylde side…

Roger Bucknall began building instruments back in the 1970s and over the years Fylde guitars have been seen in the hands of legendary British players like Martin Simpson, Martin Carthy, Davy Graham, Gordon Giltrap, Nic Jones and a multitude of

JosephLukes Headstock

The Workshop: Joseph Lukes Guitars

Luke Joseph Sharples, director of Joseph Lukes Guitars, builds guitars from his workshop in London, blending traditional methods with innovative design, beautifully demonstrated by his grand concert guitar.    Luke Joseph Sharples has been building guitars for five years having


Nile Rodgers set to headline Electric Live 2014

Nile Rodgers to headline Electric Live 2014

Nile Rodgers will star at Electric Live, the new show launched this year in tandem with The London Acoustic Guitar Show, at London Olympia. He will play on both days, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 September 2014. Multiple Grammy-winning guitarist, songwriter

James Dean Bradfield headlines the London Acoustic Guitar Show 2014 Image: Alex Lake

James Dean Bradfield to headline The London Acoustic Guitar Show 2014

James Dean Bradfield, the frontman, songwriter and guitarist with the Manic Street Preachers will headline the London Acoustic Guitar Show on Sunday 14 September, playing an intimate acoustic set at London’s Olympia. Dressed in glam clothing, wearing heavy eyeliner and


Marshall launches special edition AS50D

Despite Marshall’s association with hard hitting electric guitar tones, since 1994 the iconic Bletchley-based amplifier brand has been producing their popular Acoustic Soloist Series, which has sold over 148,000 units worldwide. Designed to be ultra clean and highly versatile, the



Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor, The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 9 March 2013

Being known as The Colonel and The Governor is all good and well, but if you are going to put those monikers out on your tour headline, you need to be pretty confident that you can live up to the

Paul Carrack

Paul Carrack, The Lowry Theatre, Manchester, 3 March 2013

Paul Carrack has built a regular and consistent fanbase thanks to his long and frequent tours – the latest of which ends this evening after seven months on the road. The only noticeable effect of this prolonged road trip is

Mumford & Sons Live

Mumford & Sons, LG Arena Birmingham, The Tour Of Two Halves

Since the release of their first studio album Sigh No More in 2009, Mumford and Sons has enjoyed an almost meteoric rise to fame. Second album, Babel, sold over one million copies in the US in just over six weeks and the accompanying tour has cemented their position as America’s favourite band.



Carlene Carter

Keeper of the country flame. Words: Teri Saccone Carlene Carter descends from country music royalty, yet she’s never been content to exploit her name as creative currency. Now she’s singing her family connections quite literally on her latest release Carter


Dominic Miller

When Dominic Miller isn’t out on the road or in the studio with Sting, he takes time to maintain a very successful solo career. David Mead talks to him about his latest solo release, Ad Hoc… Words by David Mead


Twin Forks

Chris Carrabba’s new project Twin Forks sees the Dashboard Confessional frontman discover the freedom to write music inspired by his first influences – and the bandmates to bring his songwriting to a new level.  Words: Nick Robbins ‘Oh, man. I


Issue 94: Extended Chords

Extended chords 2_0001 Extended chords 2_0002

Issue 94: In The Loop

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5      

Issue 94: ‘Down The River’

The tablature for Gordon Giltrap’s ‘Down The River’,  appearing in Acoustic issue 94. Down the River



James Neligan Deveron Series DEV-PFI, £255

Cash-strapped songwriters rejoice; James Neligan has dished up yet another bargain. Alun Lower investigates… If you were to ask the average gear-head to list the potential flaws with a sub-£200 guitar, you’d soon have a pretty comprehensive list that would


Faith Bog Oak Signature Series £1,999

Amazingly, some of the wood in this guitar pre-dates Stonehenge – Acoustic’s very own antique, David Mead, has the story… If you’re not familiar with bog oak, it’s basically incredibly rare wood from ancient forest land that was devastated at


Avalon Ard Ri L7-700B Celtic £5,950

A top of the range model from Irish builders Avalon – David Mead craves an audience with the redwood king… In case you are wondering, ‘Ard Rí’ means High King in the Irish language – and this guitar certainly has

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